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An inspirational international lecturer, pianist and piano teacher, Lucinda's work is informed by her life's themes: music, dance, psychology, intuition, empathy and alignment:   

“I help people learn to recognise and follow their own inner guidance, and have unerring faith in their ability to achieve the goals that inspire and excite them."  

She gives piano lessons in the City of London EC4 to adults beginners, re-starters and enthusiasts, helping them play the music that they love and long to play. Also now available online.

"I came away with many learning points, more confidence, and several very useful insights, and your piano weekends are so stimulating." HR, April 2024 

"So helpful and empowering. You speak with such warmth, clarity and insight. Thank you for passing on your years of experience  – much appreciated!" CC, February 2024

"Your seeing me as a whole person, as well as helping me develop my playing musically and technically, has been absolutely invaluable -and greatly helped me heal the hurts from a challenging time with a previous teacher." RM, February 2022

"Thank you for supporting me when I doubted myself, and for being such a good Teacher and Mentor when I needed it most. I truly am indebted to you." VW, October 2021

"Your constant patience, support and genuine encouragement is amazing, thank you!" GM, January 2020

"l was so impressed with today's lesson that I feel compelled to let you know just how marvellous it was!" NG, October 2017 

Passionate, also, about helping teachers teach in the way that their pupils and students want to learn, Lucinda directed The Piano Teachers' Course UK  2007-2020, and now, as International Director, and Founder of The Piano Teachers' Course Trust, she continues to be closely associated with the UK course while also working with piano teachers internationally, giving lectures, workshops and tutorials to help inspire and develop piano teaching across the globe. Recent and current projects include work in South Africa, Canada, USA, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, India and Australia.

One of her specialities is to teach everyone to play by ear and improvise, spontaneously, anytime, anywhere, whatever their musical experience.

Be inspired by her book and accompanying videos, and don't hesitate to contact Lucinda if you'd like an individual online lesson to help get you started or develop skills. 

Piano by ear, book by Lucinda Mackworth-Young

Recognising the need, she pioneered Practical Psychology for Musicians in 1986 to help musicians teach, learn and perform as effectively and enjoyably as possible. Relevant, accessible and fun, her lectures and workshops on the subject quickly became recognised as essential professional development for all musicians. You can buy her book Tuning In and purchase the video lecture series Practical Psychology for Teaching & Learning -both filled with psychological insight and practical tips. The video lectures are based on Lucinda's lectures for the The Piano Teachers' Course UK.  

"So full and informative...the Cert PTC course is all absolutely excellent...and with each challenge comes the support and encouragement from everyone, tutors and fellow students alike." SP, February 2021

"It has been a real pleasure to meet you and benefit from your vast knowledge and experience, and also to connect with your wonderfully frank and intuitive were the perfect tutor for me!" JW, July 2019


Video lecture series by Lucinda Mackworth Young

"Lucinda has fabulous enthusiasm and is a very clear communicator" HD, January 2018 

The Piano Teachers Course UK



"It was a real pleasure to hear all your students playing their hearts out, and to hear how much they love and respect you, and how so many of them never had a teacher like you before who inspires them, encourages them to play what they really want to play, and fills them with the confidence that they can. That's so heartening to me because it's who you are and at the heart of what you do when you teach." AY, March 2016