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It can be a relief to discover how very simple and straightforward it is to play the piano spontaneously -improvising. Here are several video clips demonstrating different ways of doing it.  

Piano by Ear

Piano by Ear, published by Faber Music

Lucinda demonstrates some of the ideas in Piano by Ear to help get you started. They are taken from pages 13, 14, 32, 33, 28, 29, 80, 73, 77, 111 and 117.

Anyone can Improvise

Anyone can Improvise, published by Informance, includes downloadable text and examples.

For further clips, please visit


Understanding chords and how to hamonise


Easy Improvising with the White-note Modes and Other Exotic Scales

ALSO, published by Trinity College, London

A demonstration of how to teach pupils towards the Trinity Improvising option for piano, inclusive of ideas for improvising inspired by the 2018-2020 piano syllabus 

Initial – Grade 3 (harmonic stimulus)

Buy the Book

Piano by Ear is available from your local music retailer, or buy online at Faber Music Store or Amazon.

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