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Workshops, Lectures and Consultations

"I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for all your support, understanding and helpful counsel" RM Cellist

Relevant and practical

Course to refresh and inspire music teaching and performingCourse to refresh and inspire music teaching and performing

Lucinda is a pioneering lecturer, workshop leader and private consultant in physical, emotional, mental, psychological, imaginative, intuitive and spiritual (non religious) concepts and strategies.

She applies her experience, knowledge and skills to help musicians in their teaching, learning or performing, and also to support people with life and living.

Well known for her very entertaining and practical approach, she refreshes, inspires, sheds light on many of the problems encountered daily, and offers a wealth of tips.

Course participants ideas for discussionCourse participants ideas for discussion

Always tailoring her work to the particular interests and needs of the group or individual, lectures, workshops or private consultations may include elements from all or any of the following:

Lucinda is available to give lectures and workshops by invitation, nationally and internationally.

Private consultations are available in The City of London EC4, and near Swaffham in Norfolk

“For me, this was the most useful of all the workshops provided by the clinic” JJ Patient

“Thank you so much, Lucinda. Have gained such a lot on this course. Thoroughly Enjoyed it and am totally Inspired!” JG Music Teacher

Practical Psychology for Teaching & Learning lectures available to purchase

There are five sections to the psychology series that are available in one purchase, which includes a free copy of Lucinda's eBook Tuning In.

Practical Psychology for Music Teachers and Performers online content

Creating a Positive Atmosphere Through Good Teacher Facilitation

Understanding Learning and Multisensory Teaching

Practical Psychology for Performance Anxiety

Practical Psychology for Pupils and Practice

Practical Psychology for Teachers and Parents

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