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Practical Psychology for Life and Living

Private consultations

in London and Norfolk

“Lucinda is great for confidence building, creative solutions and the feeling that everyone can do what they want –belief in YOU” JO Physiotherapist 

"I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for all your support, understanding and helpful counsel" RM Cellist

As well as working with musicians, Lucinda now works with people in other walks of life helping them lead meaningful, satisfying lives, increase confidence, reduce stress and anxiety, and resolve issues. 

She also helps people recover or strengthen physically, emotionally or mentally, and sometimes she guides and supports them through life threatening and terminal conditions.

Private Consultations and HealingPrivate Consultations and Healing

Tuning in to clients’ individual interests and needs, she runs group programmes for organisations (businesses and clinics etc.), and gives private consultations, with healing as needed, to individuals. 

Seeking to help you resolve problems and issues in the way that feels right for you, I will help you:

  • Develop your own intuition, and strengthen your faith in yourself
  • Clarify your thoughts and use imagery and imagination as powerful tools for positive change. 
  • Discover and trust your feelings, deepen your sense of connection, and eliminate fear. 
  • Become conscious of your unconscious beliefs, particularly any self-sabotaging ones, and how they may affect your thoughts, feelings and the physical state of your body.
  • Master physical, emotional, mental, psychological and feet-on-the-ground spiritual (non religious) strategies to achieve your goals and deal with difficulties.

As part of the process, I offer healing in which I use my hands, without touching you, to sense your energy field and channel healing energy to wherever it is needed in your body, mind or spirit. There can be no guarantees, but it may greatly help many conditions, and usually alleviates pain. In any event, it is deeply nourishing, relaxing and energizing.

Within a mutually supportive group environment of young people or adults, some participants engage and learn outwardly; others process privately, and draw confidence from being within the group structure while they make positive changes.

Lucinda is available to lead group programmes by invitation.

Private consultations take place in The City of London EC4, near Cannon Street, Monument and Bank tubes, and near Swaffham in Norfolk.

“Lucinda put me at ease immediately, and I was comfortable talking about painful issues. She was very reassuring and gave me a lot of positive strategies. The combination of therapies produced a balanced approach, and Lucinda used them all very skillfully” LT Client. 

“I found the spirituality very interesting and informative” NG Teacher

“I can honestly say that my condition, similar to tennis elbow, disappeared completely” JH Businesswoman

“For me, this was the most useful of all the workshops provided by the clinic”  JJ Patient