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Professional Development for Musicians

Helping musicians feel refreshed and inspired in their teaching and performing

"It was the best workshop that I have ever participated in. Lucinda has this rare ability to adapt her workshops to her audience." ES, Piano Teacher, January 2018

Piano workshop

Lucinda is an international lecturer who runs courses, leads workshops and gives private consultations to inspire and refresh musicians in their teaching, learning and performing, and to help them deal with any professional or personal issues. 

“Wonderfully inspiring. So much food for thought – I loved your eating analogy!” SG Piano Teacher

Working with the particular interests and needs of those present, lectures, workshops or private consultations may include any or all of the following:

If you would like to invite Lucinda to give a lecture or workshop in your area, or if you would like to arrange a private consultation with her in the City of London EC4, please email

“I came away feeling refreshed, enlightened, inspired and also empowered” JG Piano Teacher

"One of the best workshop leaders in the UK! Lucinda has a knack of tuning in to the audience and delivering exactly what they want and need. -I can't think why I waited so long to come on this course!" JR Violin Teacher 

Practical Psychology for Teaching & Learning lectures available to purchase

There are five sections to the psychology series that are available in one purchase, which includes a free copy of Lucinda's eBook Tuning In.

Practical Psychology for Music Teachers and Performers online content

Creating a Positive Atmosphere Through Good Teacher Facilitation

Understanding Learning and Multisensory Teaching

Practical Psychology for Performance Anxiety

Practical Psychology for Pupils and Practice

Practical Psychology for Teachers and Parents

Find out more and purchase this series via Informance