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Practical Psychology for Music Teaching and Learning

A Practical Psychology for Music Teaching and Learning workshop to help you:

  • Understand pupils: what they’re thinking and feeling, and what they need from teachers 
  • Understand ourselves as teachers: our inner drivers, pressures and fears, and the power and effect of our thoughts, words and touch 
  • Understand how pupils learn, and why they do or don’t learn (the underlying emotions -anxiety, feeling too full etc.)
  • Empower pupils, help them develop inner resource, and motivate them to stay with it especially when the going gets tough
  • Teach as best suits each pupil’s learning, using a variety of strategies: left and right brain, aural, visual, kinesthetic, whole bodied, imaginative and creative
  • Achieve results and reduce stress.

“I came away feeling refreshed, enlightened, inspired and also empowered” JG Piano Teacher

“Wonderfully inspiring. So much food for thought –I loved your eating analogy!” SG Piano Teacher